Lamb Combo


Lamb Combo
PON freeze dried natural raw pet food

PRODUCT OF NEW ZEALAND  (Packed in Hong Kong)
Certificated by Hong Kong SGS

PON’s LAMB COMBO are made from New Zealand livestock. They do not contain excipients, preservatives and additives and the ingredients are of human food grade. The one and only one manufacturing process it has undergone is freeze drying. This process has preserved the original raw and uncooked condition of the product, thereby maintaining the nutritional values and containing natural enzymes, active constituents and elements of the fresh state. Before export, our products are certified by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industry, that the production fulfilled New Zealand health standards; the product is of New Zealand origin; and that New Zealand does not have the various infectious diseases, including Rabies and Mad Cow’s Disease (BSE), which occur in other countries.

Nutritional information:

This Product is all natural from one animal species without any complex formulations. In general, our pet food consists of 80% meat, 10% organs and 10% cartilage and our pet treat a single organ or part of the body. As there is no artificial formulation, the composition may vary from batch to batch. As the animals used are young, the fat content is low.

Instructions for use:
As pet’s food or snacks
This product is suitable for all breeds and ages (except the breast feeding stage) of dogs and cats. We have the powder form for weaning babies and old pets. The products can be fed directly to your pet. Break them into the appropriate sizes according to the size of your pet to avoid choking. However, as the feed is very dry, it is better to rehydrate it first. For rehydration: add approximately four parts of water to one part of the freeze dried food (that is, add 4ml of water to 1g of food). Never use hot water. Only use water of room temperature or below 40 degree Celsius. Wait until the material has fully softened (it takes about 5 to 10 minutes) before use. The rehydrated product has to be consumed immediately and completely. As there are no bulk formers or excipients, your pet may still feel hungry after eating as the stomach is not filled. Therefore, energy-containing, nutritious and stomach-filling vegetables can be added, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and bell pepper. Try to avoid the use of grains.

Recommended consumption per meal (same for dogs and cats):
Based on 2 meals per day and assuming other food stuffs are added.
(If no other 
food stuffs are added, double the recommended doses.)

Pet’s weight Amount per meal Pet’s weight Amount per meal
1Kg/2.2lb 1.5g 18Kg/40lb 28g
2Kg/4.5lb 3g 20Kg/45lb 30g
4Kg/9lb 6g 23Kg/50lb 35g
5Kg/11lb 8g 25Kg/55lb 38g
7Kg/16lb 11g 27.5Kg/60lb 41g
9Kg/20lb 14g 32Kg/70lb 48g
11.5Kg/25lb 18g 29.5Kg/65lb 44g
13.5Kg/30lb 21g 34Kg/75lb 51g
16Kg/35lb 24g 36.5Kg/80lb 55g

A full heap on an oval shape tablespoon is about 5g. The above recommendation is based on the experience of some pet’s owners. You can refer to it and decide to give the exact quantities according to the actual condition of your pet (such as age, level of activity, health condition and additional food stuffs). As our food products do not contain bone, supplementation with a good source of calcium (such as PON freeze dried Bovine Bone Powder) in your pet’s regular diet is necessary. If you want to understand the particular nutritional requirements of your pet, please consult your own veterinary surgeon.

As pet’s treats
This product can be given directly without rehydration to your pets. Break it into the appropriate sizes according to the size of your pet to avoid choking.

Instructions for storage:
Store in a cool, dry place below 30 degree Celsius. Do not store in the refrigerator. After opening, the bag must be completely sealed again to prevent entry of moisture, contaminants and insects.

Net Weight: Small (5g/pack), Medium (10g/pack), Large (100g/pack)

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