QQ Water

QQ Water


PON QQ Water

PON QQ Water is a versatile skincare lotion made from natural herbal ingredients. It does not contain preservatives, additives and excipients. It has been repeatedly used and demonstrated to be highly helpful in various difficult and resistant skin conditions, such as atopic eczema, various kinds dermatitis with known or unknown causes, otitis externa, skin abrasions (usually of the head) from hard scratching or injuries and resistant toe web dermatitis.

Instructions for use:

After a bath: Towel-dry the skin. Apply QQ Water liberally over the skin and massage it all over the body for 1 to 2 minutes, including the head, ear, face, mouth, neck, trunk, legs and toe webs. Let it dry naturally and there is no need to rinse the body afterwards. Avoid getting it into the eyes. If your pet has an active skin problem, bath it and apply the QQ Water daily or on alternate days.

When your pet is dry:  Apply QQ Water liberally to the lesions or areas having the skin problem and massage it into the skin. If the toe webs have got a problem, apply QQ Water to them and massage it in. If your pet has an active skin problem, apply the QQ Water three times a day. If the problem is not serious, apply it daily.

For the ears: Drip a small quantity of QQ Water through the nozzle of the container at a time into the external ear canal. Make sure the ear is well wetted and the QQ Water really gets all the way down into the ear canal.  After the QQ Water has wetted through the ear canal, use cotton buds to remove gently the dirty ear wax from between the ear ridges and the depth of the ear canal. Your pet may be very objectionable to the ear canal being cleaned so be gentle and go slowly. Put on a head hood afterwards to prevent your pet from scratching the ears. If your pet has an active ear problem, apply the QQ Water three times a day. If the problem is not serious, apply it daily.

For gum diseases or oral lesions: Apply QQ Water over these lesions. If it becomes too difficult, squirt a liberal amount into the mouth. If your pet has an active gum or oral problem, apply the QQ Water three times a day. If the problem is not serious, apply it daily.

For general skin care: For pets which do not have a skin problem, QQ Water can still be applied to the whole body daily for general skin care. The skin will stay healthy and the coat becomes shiny.


As QQ Water is not a drug, there is no dosage limit and you can use liberal quantities of it but should ensure the problematic areas are well wetted.

It takes time for the QQ Water to work in chronic and difficult situations so you have to be patient.


QQ Water should not be considered the sole choice of treatment but only an adjunctive and supportive measure for your pet’s health problem for which you must consult your veterinary surgeon.
QQ Water should only be used externally. If your pet shows any signs and symptoms of allergy or adverse reaction, discontinue usage and seek medical treatment from your veterinary surgeon immediately. (This product is for external use only)

Method of Storage:

Keep QQ Water in the refrigerator (not to be frozen). As it contains no preservatives, it could remain good for about 3 to 4 weeks. Discard it immediately when it smells bad, turns black or becomes mouldy. The best way to apply it to your pet, especially the ear canal, and web spaces of toes and paws, is through the conical application nozzle of the bottle. A small amount will flow out naturally when the bottle is held  up-side-down. If you want more to come out, squeeze the bottle gently.

Net Weight: 30ml, 50ml

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