PON vs fresh frozen raw pet food

PON vs fresh frozen raw pet food


PON Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food Fresh-frozen Raw Pet Food
1 It requires no special storage. It has to be frozen in freezer.
2 When properly packed, it is not subject to contamination during storage. It can easily be contaminated with bacteria and other contaminants even though it is frozen.
3 It does not require special transportation method. It has to be transported in a frozen state.
4 It requires very low cost of transportation as it is very light in weight. It requires high cost of transportation as it is very heavy.
5 There is no contamination problem during transportation. It is subject to contamination and spoilage during the transportation.
6 Simple food sourcing for the consumers. Sourcing of the various raw food varieties is complicated and time consuming.
7 Meal preparation is simple –to rehydrate, it can be eaten dry. It requires time-consuming preparation – defrosting, choosing the right combination and cutting it up to the right size.
8 When it is rehydrated, it is very much like the fresh raw state. It is fresh raw food.
9 Dogs are very excited and like it very much. It is well tolerated and there is no diarrhea. Some dogs may not like it and may have food poisoning (such as vomiting and diarrhea) if contaminated food is eaten.
10 There is no problem of cross infection of the dog owners. Contaminated food and infected dogs may cross infect the dog owners, causing health hazards.