Our Story


Who is PON?

Hi all!
We are a group of dog enthusiasts.



Why we love dogs?

Dogs, well known to be “human best friends”, give their unconditional love to us. This is an undeniable fact and deeply realized by the true dog lovers. They are totally devoted and loyal to us at all times. In our happiness, they share our joy and fun. In our sorrow, they comfort us and never forsake us. Many, who once become a dog’s owner, changed their lives that no words can describe. Deep in our heart, we love them and know that they have stolen our hearts ♥!


How can we repay them?

We can do this with our deepest love to them and offer them the best for their health and well being. We all know about the sad ending – that one day they will depart from us. Therefore, we have to love and care for them in every moment of their life and to keep them as healthy as possible so that they can live the longest and healthiest life. To this end, we are offering them the most natural food, mimicking what they take in nature, to ensure that they will have the best of health and thus live the longest possible life in a healthy condition.

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Our Mission

We do this with our passion and strong belief that everything that we offer to our most beloved should be all natural and the best.

Initially, we started with only one product, PON Lamb Combo, which is a all-natural freeze dried raw lamb pet’s food. Now we have a comprehensive range of best quality and most natural products, including pet food, treats, nutritional supplements and skin care items, for your selection.