Freeze Drying Technique


What is Freeze drying?

It (technically called lyophilization) is a method of preservation of substances (including food and pharmaceutical products).

It consists primarily of three major steps:
Freezing, primary drying and secondary drying.


  1. They are flash-frozen completely to minus 40 degree Celsius. Vacuum is applied to remove the water content from the frozen food directly from ice to vapour without going through the liquid state (a process called sublimation).
  2. In the secondary drying process, the temperature is then brought up while pressure is further lowered down to remove the remainder of the water content. Over 90 percent of the water content is thus removed.
  3. The process takes more than 24 hours to complete. It is a very delicate process and particularly demanding when we have to ensure that our product remains raw all the way to the final stage.


Why use Freeze dried technique?

Our freeze drying method is able to preserve the original quality and condition of the food. It maintains the original aroma, taste and freshness and nutritional value. The enzymatic and other biological activities and the original size of the raw state are preserved. Once it is rehydrated, the biological activities are reactivated. The pets are eating the rehydrated raw food as if it is in the original raw state.


It is such a delicate and time consuming process and the equipment is very expensive, the cost of the freeze dried food is expensive.

Our freeze dried product is very light, only 20 percent of the wet weight. It has a long shelf life of three years. It does not require special storage; it is just stored in a cool dry place and must not be refrigerated.