All Natural VS Unnatural

All Natural ! All the Best !
Let’s find out how good of  ALL NATURAL!



Ensure nutritional values:
Rich in Vitamins and minerals

.-        Good for immunity

–         Lengthen life

Poor Protein and High Fat content:
Have to eat a lot.

–         Risk of Obesity

–         Overweight

Preserve in natural way:

–         Shiny coat

–         No allergy

Add preservatives:

–         Increase aging rate

–         Shorten life

–         May cause allergy

No additives and excipients:

–         Good for digestion

–         Good for absorption

–         Ensure food safety

Add additives and excipients:

–         Harm to health

–         Weaken immunity

–         May cause allergy

Reliable food sources:

The freshness can readily be recognised by its appearance, smell and taste


Unreliable food sources:

The poor quality is masked flavouring by adding additives and excipients.


Lower expenses
(including medical expenses):-

  • Stronger immunity
  • Lengthen life
Raise expenses
(including medical expenses):-

  • Weaken health
  • Shorten life

All Natural!
All the Best!