Raw Food Concept

Why should our pets eat Raw Food?

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Dogs and cats in the wild do not eat cooked food; they eat naturally raw food that they can catch in the wild. Dogs, unlike cats, in addition to raw animal parts, also eat fruits and plants in the wild, and can derive a good portion of nutrition from the latter. Our pets share the same genetic make-up as their wild counterparts in the wild and therefore they should eat raw. A good natural raw diet provides them with much better nutrition, leading to better health and longevity.


After the Second World War in 1945, highly processed commercial pet’s foods, both in dried and wet forms, with their highly complex and artificial compositions and additives, were extensively promoted and become the trend and common place in our pet’s diet. Our dog’s and cat’s natural genetic make-ups are not designed for processed commercial pet’s food;  there is too little time for evolution of the genetic materials to take place. This is why health problems arise. We have to go back to nature and bring our dogs back to eat a natural raw diet.


Experienced dog’s owners have found the following benefits when dogs are fed a raw natural diet: Their dogs are generally healthier, have shinier coats and healthier skin. The previously sluggish dogs become more energetic. Previous allergies disappeared. Arthritis has significantly reduced. The weight is better controlled and there is no more doggy odor. Their dogs are living longer compared to those survived on commercial processed dog foods. Their bitches manage their pregnancies better. Much less and firmer stools are produced Puppies develop at a better rate with no quick growth spurts.


This concept of eating raw is not for pets like dogs and cats only, but adopted by people who believe in nature and want to bring their way of life back to nature. It applies to the same animal kingdom. The human ancestors are hunters and eat what they catch in the wild and eat it raw. Human are domesticated longer than dogs,  yet our genetic materials have not evolved to handle our modern diet of cooked and highly processed food within the short span of human civilization.

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It is a well-known fact, which is also officially recognized by the World Health Organization, that many diseases including cancer are related to the civilized diet of inappropriate cooking and processed food. This applies to our beloved pets of dogs and cats too as we all belong to the animal kingdom and share many things in common.

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The raw food concept is not an invention or monopoly of any individual persons as it sprouts naturally in all those who believe in the natural way of living. However, the Australian veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst in 1993 proposed the raw food concept for pets in a more systematic way. He called his feeding philosophy the BARF diet, which is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Reader can search in the internet for more information.